петак, 03. фебруар 2017.

Lost and Found - A Journey of Friendship

Dear friends,
So far we have received wonderful penguins from Slovenia, England, Denmark, Czech Republic and France!!! Thank you, dear friends!!!
They are amazing and my students are thrilled. If you want to see them as well, click on the picture or on the name of the country and try to re-create them digitally :)
Here's our first digital challenge for you: http://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=3df5691f532e
And some more puzzles:
2. Denmark
3. England
And then, more amazing penguins arrived!!!

And we were happy to make our own just for you dear friend from other European countries!!!
And then all your penguins were displayed in the main school hall at the entrance!!!
Thank you for everything!!! This was a wonderful and a unique experience!! We wish to thank all students who made an effort to create these cute penguins and to their teachers who helped them and sent the penguins all around the Europe!!! We are going to make a few more displays in the classrooms soon and hopefully create video greetings for your students!!!
All the best!!
Students from Serbia and their English teacher Marija

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